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Cute. Curious. Characterful.

What comes to mind first when you think of a guinea pig, a rabbit, a hamster or any other small pet? Cute. Curious. Characterful. So is our brand Little One.
Being a reflection of a small pet’s personality Little One knows best what is needed for the pet’s healthy, active and happy life.

Long-term experience in the pet industry allows Little One to have an optimal assortment of the most popular products. Now the range includes more than 70 products which provides pets not only with everything necessary to maintain good health, but also to encourage their cute personality, playful character and willingness to explore the world around them.

Pet owners trust the quality and reliability of Little One brand, which is confirmed by the rapidly growing demand for the brand’s products. We value this reputation and are passionate to constantly develop and manufacture the highest quality products - loved by pets and trusted by owners.