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Vibrant. Bright. Colourful.

How do you imagine a parrot? Vibrant, bright, colourful... This is what our brand RIO is all about.
Our mission is to bring joy to the house of the cheerful feathered pet and its owner. This is why we select the best grains and seeds, fruit, nuts, vegetables, rare fruits and many other ingredients from all over the world to produce only the best-quality products.

We are also convinced that the most important factor in a pet’s healthy and active life is the care and attention of its owner. This is why the brand’s wide range includes both various feeds and special diets, unique treats, vitamins, and supplements.

Bird owners and breeders appreciate the reliability of the RIO brand. We keep expanding and updating our range of products in order to make a bird’s stay at the house as happy as possible and to bring the best everyday solutions for them and their owner!